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Apakah kamu sudah tahu? Manfaat yoghurt untuk kesehatan masih banyak orang yang tidak mengetahuinya, padahal makanan ini dapat menjadi sumber nutrisi untuk menjaga kesehatan. Ada yang mau tambah manfaat lain?

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Yogurt for health benefits even yogurt is very useful for pregnant women, health beauty also because it is made from milk, so that the yogurt contains all the goodness of milk such as vitamins, minerals, calcium, zinc, and acid betahidroksi coupled with the benefits of good bacteria is the result of fermentation. In addition, many well-known brands in Indonesia yoghurt which comes with a wide range of flavors ranging from vanilla to taste fruits. One of the various flavors and a yoghurt product quality in Indonesia is Heveanly Blush. Yoghurt many of which make it a diet that is very very popular. Yoghurt has a distinctive sour taste, because yogurt is fermented milk sugar (lactose) into lactic acid, which makes thickens and chewy. See more Manfaat Yoghurt.


answered 18 Oct '15, 00:22

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accept rate: 0% Sebuah blog yang menyajikan informasi tips kecantikan, cara menghilangkan jerawat dan bekasnya, dan cara memutihkan wajah.


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